ASEANnale is ASEAN biannale, a festival of ideas in multi-modal and multi-textual spaces

ASEANnale is a composite of activities that showcases the creative and research works of higher education students and faculty from the 10 ASEAN member countries. It will show to the region and the world the artistic and innovative works of ASEAN higher education students and faculty in producing films and multimedia materials and highlight researches and studies that manifests the narratives of their countries and the regional culture of ASEAN.

ASEANnale is envisioned to be the space for the sharing of voices, collaboration and networking of ASEAN higher education students and faculty. It will encourage cultural and academic dialogue grounded on the concept of students and faculty as co-creators of knowledge and works.

ASEANnale shall involve the various units of higher education institutions in the Philippines and ASEAN member countries through participation in the Film and Multimedia competition, Film and Multimedia, poster Exhibition, International Symposium and recognition of distinguished ASEANs.

ASEANnale 2018 brings together the 1st Film and Multimedia Competition and Exhibition and the 2nd International Symposium on ASEAN Studies (2nd ISAS). ASEAN academicians, experts, filmmakers and multimedia artists and scholars will engage in public discourse on ASEANology and to promote the community of scholars on ASEAN.

ASEANnale 2018 with the theme “Capturing the ASEAN Spirit in Digital Times”, is focused on three current concerns shared and addressed by numerous parties in the region—Diaspora, Disasters and Democracy. In media and various other modes of communication and information sharing via the World Wide Web through electronic digital devices, broadening and deepening inclusion and social involvement are opening venues for discourses and courses of action that impact of people’s lives.

ASEANnale 2018 is a project of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) the University of the Philippines Open University, U.P. Diliman Asian Center, the College of Mass Communication UP Diliman, TVUP and the University of the Philippine System in collaboration with the UP Open University Foundation Inc.

THEME » Capturing the spirit of ASEAN in the Digital Times

28 February to 2 March 2018 | Asian Center, UP Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

Three Sub-Themes for ASEANnale


Film and Multimedia works on how diasporas shape regional community building efforts and how such efforts also shape diasporic communities’ character. Particular diasporas may be subjects of short film and multimedia entries. Traditional Chinese, Indian, Arab, etc. diaspora communities have been viewed relative to both home and host countries but seldom with regional community. Presented as alien individuals or families in films and multimedia materials, the host of intentions behind departure, settlement and or cyclical migration maybe presented as cases of the whys and wherefores of the fortunes and tensions surrounding continued movements.


Democratic ideals can only be particularly assured in national contexts where instruments for popular participation are institutionalized by elections and the institutional mechanisms for consultative decision-making. The challenges confronting leaderships and regime changes themselves have no escaped being broadcast on various media, social media taking great part in making events known but also in monitoring what is “trending” among online groups. Films and multimedia entries may tackle how regional community building can go hand in hand with enriching the democratic practice in the digital times.


Films and multimedia materials may be able to summarize how disasters challenge the spirit to survive and rise from destruction. The presentation of the many challenges to personal and social safety are and the documentation of suffering and relief and the common desire to respond to conditions in humanitarian emergencies may be tackled. Films and multimedia entries may be able to provide insights on the analyses of disasters, their causes and the responses that may help mitigate misery.