After completion of the document assessment, the competition organizers will come up with a short list of entries classified according to the competition categories and sub themes. The list of film and multimedia works will be submitted to the competition Judges.

ASEANale Film and Multimedia Competition organizers will inform the entry’s director/producer through email if their entry was included in the shortlist for judging.

The director or producer of the shortlisted entry/entries or their representative are required to attend the ASEANale Closing Ceremonies where the awarding shall take place.

Judges and judging criteria for the Film and Multimedia competition

  1. All entries will be judged by a panel of judges with administrative assistance from the ASEANale Film and Multimedia Competition organizers.
  2. The competition organizers shall invite film and multimedia experts from ASEAN member countries to judge the entries.
  3. The judges will evaluate the entries based on a criteria rubric for each category of the film and multimedia competition. The criteria rubric and score sheet will be prepared by the organizers and provide each judge; each one shall view each entry and write the score on the judging form and affix their signature on the judging form.
  4. The competition organizers will tally the scores based from the score sheet that was signed and submitted by each judge for each category. The entry with the highest score will receive the award for that category. The judges will also select three (3) honorable mention awards for each competition category.
  5. Should there be a tie in any of the categories, the judges will view anew the tied films and score them accordingly. The Judges shall decide on how to break the tie.
  6. The Judges may decline to give an award in a particular category if no entry meets the competition’s standard of quality.
  7. Competition categories with fewer than 3 submissions may not be eligible for awards.
  8. If there is no submission in any category, the Judges and the Festival Organizers can delete the particular category from the awards list.
  9. The Judges reserve the right to create a special award if the situation and the entry merits it.