Entry requirements for the Film and Multimedia competition

  1. Filled-up/answered Entry Form.

    The filled-up/answered entry form should be submitted and packaged in a large envelope containing the title of the entry, director’s/producer’s name, contact details of the director/producer together with the following:

    • 1-minute trailer recorded in a separate DVD disc.
    • Hardcopy of the script/screenplay (for Documentary entry, a sequence Guide may be submitted).
    • Hardcopy of the storyboard.
    • A full listing of the production crew/staff with complete names, designation, address, email address, and cell phone numbers.
    • A back-up copy of the entry – either in a DVD disc or in a USB flash/thumb drive.
    • 2-3 production stills (these are photographs of some scenes in your entry) – the production stills should be stored in a USB flash/thumb drive or a DVD disc.
  2. Filmmakers should ensure that one entry is recorded on the DVD disc that they will submit for competition. [one entry-one dvd/usb].
  3. Filmmakers are enjoined to submit one entry in one envelope. [one entry and all accompanying documents in one envelope].
  4. Should the entry be shortlisted and a letter of notification is received by the producer/director, there should be at least ONE (1) member from the production who will attend the awarding ceremony should their film entry win. However, travel and accommodation should be shouldered by the producer/director of the shortlisted entry.

Award categories for the Film and Multimedia competition

  1. Best Narrative Film
    • 1 Best Narrative Film
    • 3 Honorable Mention for Narrative Film
  2. Best Documentary Film
    • 1 Best Documentary Film
    • 3 Honorable Mention for Documentary Film
  3. Best Animation Film
    • 1 Best Animation Film
    • 3 Honorable Mention for Animation Film
  4. Best Experimental Film
    • 1 Best Experimental Film
    • 3 Honorable Mention for Experimental Film
  5. Best Public Service Announcement (TRT should be maximum 3 Min.)
    • 1 Best Public Service Announcement
    • 3 Honorable Mention for Public Service Announcement
  6. Best VR Multimedia
    • 1 Best VR Multimedia
    • 3 Honorable Mention for VR Multimedia
  7. Best Interactive Multimedia
    • 1 Best Interactive Multimedia
    • 3 Honorable Mention for Interactive Multimedia
  8. Best Multimedia for eLearning
    • 1 Best Multimedia for eLearning
    • 3 Honorable Mention for Multimedia for eLearning

Promotion of the Film and Multimedia competition and screening/exhibition of shortlisted films and multimedia

The ASEANale Film and Multimedia Competition organizers are responsible for promoting the competition and exhibition of shortlisted films and multimedia entries to the general public both local and international. All trailers of entries will be shown at the ASEANale venue (s) and on the ASEANale website.

The organizers are responsible for the schedule of screening of entries at a time and venue that is deemed suitable.

All shortlisted and winning entries shall be archived by the ASEANale organizers for documentation purposes and for promotion purposes.

Other important details about the Film and Multimedia competition

All those who are shortlisted and will receive nomination notices are expected to attend the awards ceremonies (date to be announced) at Asian Center, UP Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines.

Awards for the winning entries shall be given to the director of the entry that is indicated on the entry form.

For entries that are produced in a joint directorial way (having 2 or more directors), the production group of that entry should assign a single representative to act on its behalf. This representative will receive the award for the entry.

The ASEANale Film and Multimedia Competition organizers and judges shall not be held liable for any controversy regarding the sharing of awards or about the selected winners.

The decision of the judges is final.