ASEANale organizers will form a committee that will conduct a document assessment of all entries received on the competition deadline. The document assessment will entail the following:

  1. Inspection of entry forms to check that all data required are filled up.
  2. Inspection of required accompaniments to the entry (completely answered entry form, Proof/document evidence that the individuals submitting the entry are registered/enrolled in their respective higher education schools, colleges, and universities, 1-minute trailer recorded in a separate DVD disc or MP4 format of entry on Flashdrive, hardcopy and soft copy of script and storyboard (Sequence Guide for Documentary entry, a full listing of the production crew/staff with complete names, designation, address, email address, and cell phone numbers, A back-up copy of the entry – either in a DVD disc or in a USB flash/thumb drive, and 2-3 production stills (these are photographs of some scenes in your entry) – the production stills should be stored in a USB flash/thumb drive or a DVD disc).
  3. Checking of DVD if it will play back the film/multimedia entry and checking of the back-up for the entry.
  4. Checking of the 1-minute trailer if it will play.
  5. Ensuring that the script/screenplay/sequence guide, storyboard, production crew/staff list are submitted together with the entry.
  6. Ensuring that the 2-3 production stills are submitted.

In the event that an entry is found lacking in the required submissions, ASEANale organizers will get in touch with the entry's director/producer through email or text/sms message and the latter must furnish the organizer with the requirement within 5 days from date of notice. Should the entry of director/producer fails to comply; the entry will be withdrawn from the competition; the organizers shall inform the director/producer of the withdrawn entry regarding the withdrawal.