Call for Digital Video and Multimedia Entries

Digital Video and Multimedia Competition

The ASEANnale Digital Video and Multimedia Competition invites individuals interested in ASEAN to produce creative works in digital video and Multimedia that are the narratives of their culture. The competition also gives honors to these digital video and multimedia producers whose creative storytelling explores a range of human experiences that echo the festival’s theme of ” Sustainability in Education: Intersections, Ideation, Innovations “. Because of this, the ASEANale Digital Video and Multimedia Competition encourages originality, creativity, and research-based works.

We invite entries for the Digital Video and Multimedia Competition that showcase innovative multimedia productions that promote sustainable development in education. Entries can be in the form of digital videos or any multimedia format in the narrative, documentary, animation, experimental, VR (virtual reality), interactive works and e-learning materials that creatively addresses the following sub-themes:

    • ASEAN Qualification Frameworks and Innovativeness in ASEAN
    • Indigenous People, Civil Society and Gender in ASEAN
    • Disaster Management and the ASEAN Way
    • Sustainable Cultural Heritage Management
    • Sustainability and Synergy in ASEAN S&T

Selected entries will be screened during the conference, and the winners will be selected by a panel of judges.

To submit your entry, please send a link to your submission via email to [email protected] no later than the 3rd of August 2023. Please include a brief synopsis, credits, and the entry’s running time in your submission email.

Criteria for judging the Video Entries are:

    • Relevance to the Theme (40%)
    • Creativity and Originality (30%)
    • Technical Quality (20%)
    • Impact (10%)

The organizers and the judges of the ASEANnale Digital Video, and Multimedia Competition reserve the right to exclude works that do not uphold the values of the competition.